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Neverthirst Water Projects

Today, as we surf the net from a sea of modern technology, almost a billion people on the planet live without access to safe drinking water. In our mission to provide clean and living water to the poor through the local church, it's people like you who care and give, sometimes sacrificially, to see families receive something as basic and necessary as clean water.

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Bringing your friends, family and church together to help bring clean water to a village is easy.

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You don't have to fundraise.  Many times people just want to contribute $20, $50 or fund an entire water project and that's great too!  We will use those funds where it's most needed at the time.  You can either make that payment online or you can send in a check to our office.  Either way, you will receive a tax notice and, if you sponsored an entire water project, we will send you a report after the water project is complete.

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How does it work?

the local church

All of our water projects are done in partnership with a local church implementing our water projects in a way that best communicates the gospel to the local community.

appropriate technology

We work together with the local church and community to make sure that the water intervention is appropriate for the community. We've come to find out that even with the best intentions, a well or water filtration device provided without community 'buy in' will ultimately fail.

community participation

Over the years we have seen how communities that participate and contribute to the project take greater responsibility than those that do not. Labor, materials, money or food for the crews - any of these are ways the community contributes to the water project.


We do our best to ensure that the local church and community are adequately trained on how best to maintain their new water source. In some cases technicians are trained and in other cases a community maintenance agreement is signed with our water partners. This is all in an effort to reduce down time and ensure clean water for years to come.



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