World Water Day 2014

This World Water Day, we are bringing clean water to the people of Cambodia! We believe that with your partnership, we can help provide 25 families with a 4000 liter rainwater gathering tank to give them safe drinking water. Many people have asked us "Why would you put a rainwater tank instead of a well in their village?" In many parts of Cambodia, especially along the Mekong river, the ground is saturated with natural arsenic that is toxic to humans. High amounts of Arsenic causes long term health…

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Planning your VBS?

I am sure that you are in the planning stages for your Vacation Bible School, and I wanted to introduce you to Neverthirst and how church partners, like your church, can join us during VBS week to help fulfill our mission to provide clean and Living water to the poor through the local church. Approximately 1 Billion people live without access to clean water today, and we believe the global Church is the solution to this problem. Lack of clean water is the #1 health crisis facing the world today.…

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