Life Transformation in South Sudan: Jennifer’s Story

Two years ago we met Jennifer in the village of Te’do (left). That day it was difficult for us to hear her express her disbelief in God. She shared that for many years she had prayed that her suffering would subside, but that God had not answered that prayer. For years she suffered illness and hardship from war, famine and the burden of drinking unsafe water. Leaders from Mountain Brook Community Church were there that day and took a challenge back to their people. It was simple - give one less gift this Christmas and donate that money to help the church in Te’do give the gift of clean water. That Christmas, through their stewardship, they raised enough to help Te’do as well as three other villages!
We were back in Te'do last week to visit the community and see how the well was functioning. While we were there, Jennifer came and greeted us. Of course it was great to see her, but we were also anxious to know if this clean water had impacted her life and her faith. What she said encouraged our hearts so much:  
"How can I not believe in God now. By answering our prayers and giving us clean water, He proved to me that my thoughts and words were foolish, and now I want to profess I am a believer!"

Jennifer then led the entire village and team in a song of praise, "Aro'boya Jesu", which means, "Thank you, Jesus" in the local Moru language (right). The village chief informed us the drilling team had also brought Bibles to the people of Te'do when they arrived to install the well.  
Life changing stories like Jennifer’s is why Neverthirst exists. It is our heart's desire to not only meet the physical need of clean water, but also provide people with access to Living Water, the Gospel of Jesus Christ through their local church. Thank you for being a part of stories just like Jennifer's.



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