6 Villages in India receive Clean Water!

In October 2012, Jason and Derek of Troy, AL, decided they were going to be an instrument of change in the lives of those in India who lack access to clean water by hosting a CrossFit event at Troy University called WOD for WATER. Their goal was to raise $2500 to provide 1 village in India with access to clean water. With just a few weeks to plan and raise the money, WOD for WATER had approximately 75 participants, and raised over $16,000!  They were able to provide clean and Living water for not only 1 village, but 6 villages in India!

Be on the lookout for details of how to be involved in WOD for WATER in Troy or Birmingham in the Fall of 2013! You can also host your own fundraiser! Contact to learn how you can be an instrument of change in the lives of the poor around the world.

We are humbled by your support, and grateful for your partnership with Neverthirst in providing clean and Living water to the poor through the local church.



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