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Village of Dakasinga

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This September, I  had the opportunity to go to Uganda. I visited the village of Dakasinga in the Northwest corner of Uganda and saw some awful water sources.

Children collecting gray murky water from clogged up pipes and having to drink water that was ultimately making them very ill. You can see some of that in the attached pictures. 

The bad part is, it will never get better for these people because the government believes they have solved the water problem in this village, so they have moved on.

That's why Neverthirst has chosen this village to work in in 2019 and are committed to bringing a bio-sand filter to EVERY family in this village in 2019. 

There are 60 families in this village. Neverthirst has already given clean water to 20 of these families, but there are still 40 more to go.

This Christmas, I'm wanting to fund 10 bio-sand filters for 10 families in this village and I'm asking you to help. 

$300 will give an entire family a filter.
$25 will give 1 individual access to safe drinking water.

Thank you for considering joining us in bringing clean and living water to the families of Dakasinga. 

Oh yeah, there's more!
Every $30 gift will get you a FREE Neverthirst t-shirt!
Every $300 gift will get you 2 FREE Neverthirst t-shirts, a coffee mug, and a Neverthirst hat! 

Thanks for your partnership!!