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John and Jen's Cambodia Fundraiser

 - John and Jen's Cambodia Fundraiser

Last month I was in Cambodia with a team, visiting many of the project locations where Neverthirst's local partners are working to provide safe drinking water. One of our programs, implemented by our partner, Asian Outreach Cambodia (AOC), provides household bio-sand filters and latrines to families in rural areas in northeastern Cambodia. A few quick things I really like about this project:

-Bio-sand filters are constructed in the communities themselves, involving community members in the construction process, and using locally available materials. In really remote areas, sustainability can be a huge challenge. So promoting ownership and using locally available resources help encourage this.

-The project not only addresses the issue of clean drinking water, but also addresses the need for improved sanitation. In parts of rural Cambodia, there are more people who do not have a toilet than those who do. Providing a household latrine improves sanitation for a family, and increases the health impact that clean drinking water will have.

-Families contribute a small amount of money towards both their filter and the latrine. Also, the project provides the base materials for the latrine, so families are then responsible to either dig and install the latrine themselves, or pay a small fee to local contractors to do this. This allows for a latrine to be as simple or fancy as a family would like, based on their financial capacity to contribute. Again, another way to promote ownership and encourage sustainability.

-AOC's staff have such a Christ like love for the communities they serve. I really love these guys and value their friendship. They are in so many ways, the hands and feet of Jesus in the areas they work. AOC also partners with the local church in Cambodia, so that the local body of Christ has an opportunity through this work to care for people's physical and spiritual needs.

We are aiming to raise at least $2000 towards the bio-sand filter and latrine project. Would you consider engaging in this work with us, and helping to provide clean drinking water, improved sanitation, and opportunities to share the gospel, to the people of northeastern Cambodia?

-John and Jen