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World Water Day 2019

 - World Water Day 2019

This World Water Day, Neverthirst is bringing clean and Living water to 2 schools located in the Kam Pom Tom province in central Cambodia.

A gift of just $25 will give one child access to safe drinking water.

A gift of $1,000 will serve an entire class.

A gift of $13,000 will provide an entire school with access to safe drinking water, a hand washing station, and latrines when needed.

Will you join us in transforming the lives of 100s of students in these 2 schools with a gift this World Water Day?

Neverthirst has identified 20 schools that we hope to serve in 2019, but we're going to need your help to do it! The goal of this project is to improve the health of students through a comprehensive program that addresses the three essential components of safe drinking water, hygiene, and sanitation.

The School WASH program is implemented in rural in Cambodia. Each School has a water source, yet research found that 90% of the children drink water directly from a well or pond with no water treatment. Most of the schools have latrines, yet in the case where there is not enough; additional toilets are constructed.

The project focuses on behavior change regarding water, sanitation and hygiene practices in schools, and families. The project includes the construction of a school Bio-Sand Filter which treats water and produces up to 180 - 200 liters of clean water per hour. They also include a hand washing station, garbage kiln, and additional latrines (when required) to improve hygiene and sanitation.

The local School and Churches work together with Neverthirst’s local partner to complete the project. The Local Church builds relationship with the School community through leading the hygiene education training and follow up monitoring with the School leadership. This provides an opportunity for the local Church to serve and demonstrate the love of Christ in word and deed.

Thank you for your support in improving health for students through water, hygiene, sanitation and education and for empowering the local Church to love, serve and reach their community.