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A Unique Partnership

Partnership with One Day’s Wages

 We are excited to partner with One Day’s Wages, an organization that is working to alleviate extreme global poverty, in bringing clean water to the people of Cambodia. This partnership will enable 10 bio-sand filter molds to be built that will allow more effective bio-sand filters to be constructed for many years to come.

Join us as we provide these molds that will be used to construct THOUSANDS of bio-sand filters, which will provide THOUSANDS of families in Cambodia with a much safer and improved water source.

Why Clean Water?

 Over 663 Million people still lack access to safe drinking water, and WHO estimates that approximately 800 kids die every single day from preventable water borne diseases. According to the UN, women and children are spending up to 6 hours a day collecting water. In turn, children are missing out on the opportunity to attend school and women are unable to learn a trade or to get some sort of job. Because so many people suffer from illnesses caused by drinking dirty water, families are spending what limited income they have in clinics which keeps families in an impoverished state.

Cambodia is not a water scarce country. In general people can find water near their home. The issue is water quality; in dry season over 5 million people (34%) are using unimproved and surface sources of drinking water.

One solution is the household Bio-Sand Filter (BSF), which uses stone, sand and a biological layer and can remove up to 99% of harmful bacteria in water poured through it. The BSF can remove disease-causing pathogens and improve the taste and appearance of water, and therefore contribute towards improving health.

Each family contributes $5 towards their own filter, plus they also participate in the construction of their own filter. All community contribution funds are re-invested into latrines rewarding those who show correct usage of the filter.

Our local partner works through local Churches, training them in construction and monitoring of the filter. This provides a opportunity for the local Church to love and serve their community.

Why new molds?

 The target outcomes for the beneficiaries are improved health, through provision of safe water treatment in the home. Independent research completed by CAWST (refer has verified that the version 10 improves the quality of the water produced by the filter through a greater reduction in bacteria and viruses.

The project is primarily to upgrade the current program from version 8 to version 10, through the purchase of 18 pre-fabricated steel molds. In summary, version 10 improves the reduction / removal rate of e.coli, coliforms, bacteria and viruses. Improved health through higher quality filtration is the main rationale for this partnership.

CAWST ( have been recommending organizations to upgrade to version 10. While version 8 produces improved water, its been proven through research that version 10 has a higher removal rate and therefore improved quality of potable water. These lessons have informed us of the need to upgrade the program and transition to version 10 molds.

ODW and Neverthirst

 Our partnership will allow us to complete the 18 molds needed to build version 10 bio-sand filters. The funding request is to purchase 18 steel fabricated molds that can then be used to make annually 1000 bio-sand household water filters. The community (beneficiaries) are not being asked to contribute to the procurement and purchase of the new 18 molds. However, in the implementation phase each family is required to attend a number of health training sessions and also contribute $5 for their filter as an indicator of ownership. The on-going maintenance of the 18 molds will be the responsibility of Neverthirst and our implementing partner. 

Learn more about how you can partner with us to bring clean water to Cambodia HERE. 


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