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Baptized in Clean & Living Water

Daoud* grew up in a strong Muslim family, with both of his parents being respected religious leaders in their community. One day, a friend gave him a Bible.

"I didn't want to read it, but something in my heart pushed me to read it. I read all of it in 3 days, and then I went to the local Pastor's house after I finished it. I told him, 'I believe this! What do I do?' He told me how to follow Jesus, and I was baptized that day."

Daoud was baptized in a hole, lined with a tarp, filled with water from a hand pump that Neverthirst drilled for the local pastor. Daoud was happier than ever, but terrified to tell his father of his new faith. His father heard that his son became a Christian, and was very angry, so Daous fled to another city for a month, praying constantly for his family.

When he went home a month later, he was accepted by his father.

"He isn't a believer himself, but he has seen how I have changed. He asks me now if I have gone to see the pastor. If I haven't, he tells me I should go. Once when I was sick, he told me to go to the pastor so he could pray for me, and I was healed. My mother is happy too—she often brings food she has cooked to share with the pastor and his family. Now I'm praying for God to touch the heart of my father so that he will believe too."

Join us in praying for Daoud's family to know the Lord.

Because of your partnership, Neverthirst has been able to empower local pastors to spread the gospel in unreached communities like Daoud's through water projects. Join us in bringing clean and living water to an additional 40,000 people by December 31st. It's a lofty goal, but with your help, we know we can do it.

A $25 gift will provide one person with access to clean water. How many can you help? Make a gift today.

*Daoud is an alias name, as detailing his identity and location could compromise the local ministry.


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