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Hello, my name’s Chim Sdeung, 45 years old, I hav 2 children and I live in Tropaing Khrolagn village, in Takeo province.Many years ago, Cambodia people didn’t take care of their health with using clean water or eating clean food because, they didn’t understand about health prevention, and I was the same.

I used to spend a lot of time for water collecting and also I spent much money for buying water from the water seller, because in dry season the water sources nearby my house had gone, so I and my children needed to go far away from my house to collect the water for using, but it was very unsafe for my child because it was darkness at night time and other risks to women. Therefore, I had decided to buy water for using in family in dry season. Using unclean water always gave us many problems like diarrhea, itch, hepatitis A, worms, stomach ache, and typhoid, etc.

So we had spent a lot of money for buying medicine and health treatment service. But in 2016 the Neverthirst project started planning for a hand pump project in my community. We were trained in many lessons related to well project such as well maintenance, water born diseases, the role of water user group in management, etc. After training we raised the repair fund and the well was then drilled. Now, we aren’t worrying about water for using, because through the well it can produce enough clean water for using in daily. Now my living standard is improving because we are using the water from a better source, saves me time and money. Thanks so much!


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