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Flood relief in Nepal

In August Nepal was hit by severe flooding and landslides that were triggered by the recent heavy monsoon rains. The flooding and landslides has affected 28 states in the Southern part of Nepal leading to 141 dead, 117 injured, 336,695 Households affected, and over 460,864 people displaced.

Rautahat District, located 400 kilometres from Kathmandu and on the border with India, has been one of the severely affected districts by the recent flood in the Southern part of Nepal.

Neverthirst’s local partner is now in Rautahat and working through their network of local Churches to distribute emergency food, tents and cooking utensils to help families who have been devastated by the recent flooding.

Distribution - Plans
On Wednesday August 30, our local partner began distribution emergency relief supplies to families in Rautahat. We were able to contact our local partner and they shared with us their plans to help a further 280 families in Baderwa village as the next village for Relief Distribution and more.

The people in Baderwa village are absolutely vulnerable. They are staying under the temporary shelter. Their homes and properties were crushed and flooded away. We are targeting 280 families with food and household items who are the most desperate in the community. Some of them share have shared that they had to live 3-4 days without food when the flash flood hit. In this village majority of the community people are Pasman, low caste Hindu people who are also mostly landless, voiceless and mostly a rejected people group. The plan was to distribute food and cooking materials to 280 families by Saturday September 2nd.

We recently received an update from our partners!

Dear Friends, Partners and Supporters:

“Our god was flooded away, he was not so powerful’ local flood victims said.

We are pleased to inform you that today we have successfully completed delivery of immediate relief to over 550 families of Jaynagar village, Rautahat with a package of immediate food items i.e. Rice-shack of 20 kg, 1 kig salt, 1 kig lintel, 1 liter of oil. Distribution went very well with good police security, but of course we had God’s protection with us. Thank you for your prayer, support and encouragement. Just yesterday we went to survey another vulnerable communities of flood victims, mostly untouchable Hindus and landless communities. While we were thinking about the community to support who are more vulnerable than the community who received relief today, a telephone call came from the USA again from one of our partner donors and committed for another $5000 which is coming through this week. It was another confirmation to benefit more communities in need of food, trampoline, utensils, water filters, etc. UVN team decided to stay longer more in the district targeting the another community with emergency relief. Majority of people are still requesting for food, utensils and filter, etc. We have been directed to these communities by our UVN District Representative and local Christian Community. These communities we have been ministering with relief are mostly Muslims and Hindus. The communities talked highly about Christians after they have received the relief. They said to us, we are believers of Jesus the Messiah. What was interesting was that many said they lost everything and flooded away including food, bed, clothes. They also said we had our god and he was also flooded away. We asked, ‘didn’t your god save you during flood?’ They were amused and said ‘No!’ When we asked why – ‘they said our god was not powerful’.

Please pray as we are now preparing for the next community. We are extending our stay in the flooded area rather than coming back again.

Relief distribution is most challenging job, part of the reason, I am personally involved myself with the relief team. We had very good support by the local police, our District Rep and local Christians.

With many thanks again.


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