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Hope in Nepal

Nepal is currently under nationwide lockdown due to the pandemic, so our operations have paused. Prior to the lockdown, our team spent time with our partners, sharing updates below.

In early 2020, our team spent time with in-country partners in Nepal, seeing the investment of the neverthirst family and discussing what programs might look like in the years ahead.

This multi-week assessment was spent traveling between villages along the southern border of Nepal and outside the capital of Kathmandu. Travel in Nepal is often unforgiving, with 14-plus hour days spent navigating unpaved mountain roads to reach remote communities.

Clean Water for Schools

In one region, we visited a school WASH project that is almost completed. For students like 9-year-old Arati (above), the WASH project is bringing much needed access to clean water, new bathrooms for girls, and handwashing stations. Arati enjoys going to school to be with her friends and studying Nepali, as she also speaks a local language. “I really like the new project because I can drink good water from here at school,” she told us.

Clean Water Reduces Sickness

One community we visited has been using household biosand filters constructed by neverthirst for the last three years. The local women shared with us the harsh realities they previously faced both collecting and drinking water prior to receiving a biosand filter. 

"Three years ago, we used to get typhoid almost every year. But now, having used the filter, we haven’t got typhoid.” 

Before using the filter I could see our water had a problem, because there were always red stains from high iron.

We often got typhoid during summer season and rice planting time (April - July) but now after using the biosand filter I no longer suffer from these things.

Clean Water is a Catalyst for Transformation

Our focus is to serve vulnerable communities, so most recipients of these projects exist on sustenance farming or daily wage labor work. Here, sickness caused by unclean water can have a serious generational impact affecting both parents’ ability to provide and childrens’ ability to attend school. The stories we heard throughout this trip reinforce the fact that the biosand filter is making a measurable difference to the health of these very marginalized communities.

For several Nepal communities, clean water is a catalyst for other types of development work. We saw neverthirst water projects overlapping with agriculture and literacy programs, giving a brighter future to so many families. With clean water at the center, these strategic projects will lead to holistic community transformation.

Throughout our travel, we saw the church at work in loving and supporting people in the name of Jesus. One partnering pastor shared how his family had been freed from bonded servitude, a practice now abolished that still has lingering effects for some Nepalis. This pastor found freedom in multiple ways. He now serves alongside our local partner in the name of Jesus to demonstrate the love of God and is a critical part of our work.

Amid the challenges, stories of hope abound in Nepal. Yet there is more to be done. Even as some of our operations—as in Nepal and India—are temporarily paused, our work continues in other remote areas around the world. 

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