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Clean and living water

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How is my donation used?


From the day Neverthirst formed, we sought to connect your giving with actual projects on the ground.

Our goal in connecting your giving to projects is two-fold:

1. We want to ensure you that your hard-earned money is used to provide access to clean water and the Gospel the way you intended.

2. We want to inspire you. 

These lives are given access to clean water and the Gospel through your generosity, and we want you to understand that this work couldn't continue without you. 

Your sacrificial giving is making a difference to people every day. 

Just think about it - today, a woman will walk to a well to collect safe water for her kids to drink. A family won't be ravaged by waterborne diseases because you cared enough to donate. Small children will have a chance to learn in school and be a part of their thriving community because of your gift. 

This work couldn't continue without your partnership! We are thankful for you, for your generosity, and for God who allows us to be a part of demonstrating and proclaiming the love of Christ to some of the most remote parts of the world.

As 2017, comes to a close will you consider being a part of our work this coming year?

We have identified communities in each of the countries we serve - Cambodia, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Chad, and Uganda who need access to clean water and the Gospel. 

Click HERE to explore our work in these countries and how together, we can be a part of changing lives!

A gift of only $25 will provide one person with access to safe drinking water.

Join us in advancing the Gospel through clean water worldwide by giving today.


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