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Life Flows Partners April Report

In Uganda, we’re hard at work with our local partners drilling new wells, rehabilitating old broken wells, and building and installing biosand filters. All of these projects are working to provide improved access to potable water to both Ugandans and South Sudanese refugees. Our local partners are great! I love working with them.

Victor Kiba, a South Sudanese refugee living in a camp in Uganda who just got a biosand filter through our project there. He says, “I used to have one of these when I was home in Yei, South Sudan. I had to leave it behind and I’ve missed it a lot. It’s so great to have a new one!”

In Chad, we are partnering with UNICEF and IAS to distribute biosand filters in the islands of Lake Chad. Did you know we had islands in the middle of this desert nation? We do! Lake Chad is surrounded by 4 countries: Chad, Cameroon, Niger, and Nigeria. A group called Boko Haram was terrorizing the people in these islands, and many had fled to the shore where they were living in makeshift camps for months. The situation is slowly improving and people are moving back out to their little islands. All that they left behind was looted or destroyed, so they are starting again from scratch. Neverthirst is providing biosand filters so that they can filter the Lake water that they are drinking. There are hippos and cows swimming in that water, so filtering is really helpful for making water drinkable.

In Chad we are also doing some wells, partnering with local churches to support their ministry in different places around the country. It’s really exciting to see how God is using clean water to open doors to share about Living Water.

So—who wants to come visit us in Chad? It’s only 110 degrees Fahrenheit right now, and sometimes the electricity works enough to power the AC. You’ll get some Vitamin D and some camel meat to chew on, and a nice free massage as you bounce along down unpaved roads! Thanks for your partnership!


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