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Meet Chhunleng: From an Orphanage to Planting Churches

Meet Chhunleng, one of our pastor partners in Cambodia, who is a key part of our 3-year strategic vision to saturate regions of Cambodia with clean and living water. Learn more about that vision here.

Chhuleng works with local churches to implement water projects and train communities in health and hygiene. I've always appreciated Chhunleng's heart for people, passion for sharing the gospel, and his great sense of humor. We're excited to share a bit of his personal story with you. 
—John Sides, Asia Program Director

Hello, my name is Chhunleng Heng, and I have served with neverthirst for 10 years. I enjoy sharing the good news and doing community development projects that provide for physical and spiritual needs. I feel like this is my opportunity to meet people and show them God's kingdom through service. 

I grew up with a single mother—my father left when I was only four months old. We were very poor and my mother struggled to provide for me. At age 13, she sent me to an orphanage so I could attend school and have more opportunities for my future. 

The orphanage was a ministry of a church, and I learned about Jesus. After graduating school, I worked at a factory, but I was lonely and disconnected from my mother and the orphanage. 

God reminded me of his presence and help when a friend invited me to live at a church in Phnom Penh. I met many good friends in Christ there and the pastor invested in me, training me to be a church leader. I began serving in the church and quit my factory job to go to Bible school, where I was trained to be a church planter.

I served as a church planter around Phnom Penh for several years, and my experience helps me as I work alongside local churches, leading trainings for the community and water committees. When I lead WASH trainings, I have the chance to share about Jesus, and I support the local pastors to reach out to the lost.

I am always encouraged when I see people truly come to understand good health/hygiene, disease prevention, and when we can provide clean water.

Through our water projects, the local church has the opportunity to share the gospel, and I have seen many new believers and churches increasing. This work brings refreshment to their physical lives, but they also need the salvation and hope only Jesus Christ can provide. I am encouraged when I see them have hope in their life.

This work is not easy. I travel long journeys on very difficult roads, and sometimes have to be away from my wife and two young sons. Please pray for me and all our staff as we travel—for safe journeys, good health, and God's blessing.

The Cambodian people are really blessed by the work of neverthirst supporting the local church to provide clean water in rural communities. I thank God for the supporters who fund these projects! Thank you so much for your love, kindness and compassion. May the Lord bless you all. 


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