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Preaching Amidst Religious Persecution

Pastor Mehul* is one of Neverthirst's local partners living in India. Our team recently had the honor of meeting him while visiting a well project in the his village, and they learned that Mehul was one of only a few believers in the area. Yet today, of approximately 35 families living in this community, 10 are now Christian. However, that hasn't always been the case.

In the years prior to Neverthirst installing the well, there was conflict between the Hindu and Christian families in the village. In 2013, Pastor Mehul's two sons, aged 7 and 10, died. He and his wife shared with our team that their young boys "ingested some poison because their bodies became black, and it is likely that they were poisoned by those who opposed our Christian faith." In spite of such persecution, Mehul continued to preach and serve in this village. 

In 2015, the few believers remaining were told they were no long allowed to collect water from the community's water source, a contaminated open well. The Hindu villagers even put guards to protect the source and exclude the Christian families who were then forced to collect water from a much further location in another village. Still, Pastor Mehul persevered because he desperately wanted to see more families in this village come to know about the true Living Water, Jesus.

Last year, Mehul learned of the Neverthirst model and saw an opportunity to resolve their biggest challenge: lack of safe drinking water. He believed that if he could bring clean water to this village, it would be a tangible way for him to show the love of Christ and would increase the credibility of the gospel message he was sharing. He spent a lot of time working alongside leaders and members of the community to raise the required repair fund, ensuring long-term sustainability and community ownership of the new water source. Through the generosity of a Neverthirst donor, we were able to drill a new well project in this village bringing clean and living water to all 35 families. Even more importantly, since the completion of this project, five families have now come to faith in Christ.

"Despite all discrimination and persecution, I have faced, I have forgiven my persecutors, I have gratitude towards the Lord, and I welcome all to get safe drinking water from this well." - Pastor Mehul

Today, Mehul runs a small house fellowship for this community and continues to do agricultural work, masonry, and carpentry to support his family. He hopes to continue partnering with Neverthirst to reach surrounding villages with clean and living water. 

Pastor Mehul represents one of thousands of pastors that you and I have the privilege to labor alongside. From the beginning, Neverthirst has been committed to equipping pastors with a resource, safe drinking water, and sending them to the most unreached parts of the world. Together, with your partnership, we have been able to empower numerous local pastors to spread the gospel among unreached communities, like this one, through clean water solutions. We will continue to mimic, to the greatest extent possible, Jesus' ministry of meeting both the physical and spiritual needs of the poor, but we need you to join us on this mission. We can not do it alone.

As you consider where you will give through your year-end stewardship, we want you to know a $25 gift gives 1 person safe drinking water. Will you prayerfully consider asking, "How many can we help?" and join us in helping provide 40,000 individuals in Africa and Asia with clean and living water by December 31st?

*Mehul is an alias name, as detailing his identity could compromise our local partners.


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