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What exactly is a "Well Project"?

Countries Neverthirst Benefits:

Uganda, Chad, Cambodia, India, South Sudan

The well projects equip churches to love and serve people through providing access to a hand pump that is close to the home and reduces the burden on women to collect water. The hand pump wells will provide clean water for over 10 years when they are well maintained. To make sure that the water is safe and clean, Neverthirst checks to see if there is any arsenic present in the water. If the groundwater is safe, the hand pump will be completed. This project also includes water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) training to maximize the health benefits of clean water.

In South Sudan, Uganda and Chad there are communities that have existing hand pump wells that were installed by the government or other organizations that have deteriorated over time and are not able to be used as a clean water source. Some factors that cause the wells to degrade are broken or worn-down hardware, insufficient community management, and challenges accessing spare parts. Neverthirst has the opportunity to rehabilitate these wells, replacing broken parts with higher quality hardware, and ensuring the community has an effective maintenance and operational plan in place, that will keep the well-functioning and provide spare parts when needed for many years.

Each hand pump well and well rehabilitation project serves approximately 400 to 600 people in South Sudan, Uganda and Chad, while in Cambodia and India each hand pump well will benefit 18 to 30 families.

Our goal is to bring, in total, 270 new hand pump wells and 45 well rehabilitation projects in 2019 throughout Uganda, Chad, Cambodia, India and South Sudan. We’d like to invite you to partner with us as we stand with the local churches to improve access to clean water through hand pump wells.


Anlong Chhrey village is home to 159 families in Stung Treng province of Cambodia. The access road to the village is poor and there are no nearby schools or health facilities. Everyday Ham Sokim would send her 12 year-old daughter, Srey Mom, to collect water. “I used to worry about my daughter’s safety when she would collect the water. There were often very big snakes, plus I would worry about the men in our village, as my daughter would walk alone. Now the new hand pump is so close to our home and this saves us a lot of time, I’m so happy. I’m not crying because I’m sad, but because I’m happy. I never thought we would have a new hand pump so close to our home.”


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